Nunes Investments


Here at Nunes Investments we invest in who we believe in as long they believe in themselves. 

              Nunes Investments was created 2014 in NYC and expanded through the whole east coast and now known world wide.  Owner Rasan Nunes is a successful business man with a stream of talent and specialized skills that can change your life like it did for him and the employees at Nunes investments.  It first starts with your mindset.  He believes in the power of the mind and how powerful it is when its unlocked.  Rasan Nunes didn't grow up privileged he had his fair share of heart ache and pain and had to take extreme sacrifice to get to where he is right now in life.  Just like the company Rasan is still growing and learning everyday and teaching the employees and Investments as he goes along. He believes that the kids are our future and has a hand in donating to the educate children as well.  After losing his grandfather a few days before Thanksgiving he started to donate to St. Jude Children's Cancer research quietly and then started his own fund to collect money to give to them as well.  


            Nunes Investments doesn't only invests in real estate, they invest in children, education, cars, health, music, films, fashion, animals, mother nature, you name it we have our hands in it. The goal is to enrich the people and the youth with the things they are most passionate about so they can become the best person for themselves and others. 


           We believe the best thing to give back is the knowledge you have acquired through your struggles and success to the new generation so they don't have to go through what we did and learn from the mistakes and also receive the blessings 10 times faster than me did. Rasan believes that the only way to save the planet is to break the paradigms that have a hold on the children and change there mindset so they can achieve there dreams and become better people and live in harmony peace and love with one another.