Hello, our names are Michael DiGiovanni and Paul Singh and we pay all cash for houses all across the State of Washington.  If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, then we want to speak with you. As a local we buy houses in Seattle real estate investing company, we specialize in helping homeowners sell quickly for cash. 

The main benefits of working with a local we buy houses in Seattle business are as follows: we pay all cash, we don't charge you any commissions, we pay all the closing costs, we don't charge you any fees, we don't require anything to be done to the property (we purchase it "as-is"), we can close on a date of your choice, and whatever sales price we agree upon is a net number to you. Let us explain what we mean by "net number." This means that we will cover typical closing costs and you will never have to pay any commissions or hidden fees. Also, we will buy your house in it's "as-is" condition. That means you won't need to make any repairs or have to deal with a "picky" buyer! With other real estate agents, you will have to pay them a commission and fees. On top of this, most real estate agents "highly recommend" you make many repairs and upgrades to the property before they will list it for sale. Last, but not least, other real estate agents typically close the transaction and release you the cash in 4-12 months. We close the transaction and release you the cash on a date of your choosing.

Our Simple 5 Step Selling Process is as follows:

1) Fill out the form to the right and we will contact you to learn more about your property and situation.

2) Next, we will schedule an appointment to view the property and meet you "face-to-face."

3) Next, we will create an offer to purchase your property.

4) Once we agree upon a purchase price, we will create a simple Purchase & Sales Agreement which we will both sign.

5) Finally, we will open escrow with a licensed closing agent at First American Title Company and quickly get you paid.

We offer many flexible and unique solutions to selling your house fast. So fill out the form to the right, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best Wishes,

 Michael DiGiovanni & Paul Singh