Sell House Fast AZ

There are many reasons for needing to sell house fast AZ and I specialize in all of them!

Medical Issues

Legal Troubles

Pending divorce


Job Loss

Facing Foreclosure

House Needs A Ton Of Work

Tired Of Being A Landlord

Just Need The Cash

If any of these reasons apply to you, then we need to talk!  Selling your house fast is as simple as a single phone call 623-777-9224, or by filling out the form to the right.

The benefits you will enjoy once you contact me:

1.    I will close in 7-10 days (or on a date of your choice).  No waiting for banks or lawyers.  Imagine your life in 10 days with your debts paid and cash in your pocket.  Feels good huh?

2.    I will purchase your house "AS-IS".  No extra costs to you to "spiff up the place" as your real estate agent will inevitably advise you to do.

3.    The "net" price quoted to you is what you put in your pocket!  Let’s compare that to a traditional real estate agent sale.  After the sale price is determined you will also incur these costs:  6% to your real estate agent, 3% for estimated closing costs, 3-5% in repairs that the new buyers will want a reduction on, and then there's the holding costs you will incur while you try and sell.  Typically that could be another 3-5 months worth of payments and utility bills.   You have lost almost 15% from the get go!

You could try to sell the house yourself.  Did you know that nearly 80% of FSBO (for sale by owner) properties eventually get an agent to sell their property?  Do you have the marketing skills to ensure the property gets sold?

By selling to me you will get a fair, all cash offer...and I can close within days.

4. I NEVER create an unfair offer.  In many cases I can pay TOP DOLLAR for your property.  My goal is to create a win/win situation where we both feel good about doing business with each other!

My name is Lynda Bathory and I am a professional Real Estate Investor that will guarantee you an offer on your house and help you sell house fast AZ.  You are under no obligation to get a free evaluation.

Fill out the form to your right, or call me directly at 623-777-9224